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March 2016 Mold Testing Anaheim, CA

We got Knight Environmental to test for mold before we signed for escrow, for the condo we bought in Anaheim. The inspector was on time, friendly and knowledgeable about mold in the home. He found some surface mold under our sink and took a swab sample for testing. It turned out to be Stachybotrys which he said was advisable to eliminate right away. We received a mold report within 24 hours so another company could remediate under the sink. Knight’s guys came back and then gave us the all clear with a clearance inspection. All in all a professional experience from the receptionist to the mold guys who were UCLA and USC scientists.

Feb 2016 Mold Testing Santa Monica, CA

Knight Environmental mold inspectors visited our rental property when we discovered a moldy smell in the kitchen. They were all about the service and friendly too. They got straight to work diagnosing where the mold was located. The two mold inspectors tested the air and took some swabs. We had a report in our hands in 24 hours. They offered us advice on an independent mold remediation company, which worked out great. Our property manager hired the remediation company to eliminate the mold and leak. Totally recommend Knight to our friends if they have mold or leaks.

After 2 weeks Mark and Amy returned and checked for mold and gave us a clearance inspection. The air was healthy again. Knight also donates to the Asthma foundation. We liked this as our own kids have Asthma. Knights scientists offered us a free consultation for advice on how to reduce allergies in the house and improve the air quality also. 11/10.

Jan 2016 Mold Testing Tarzana, CA

We were referred to Knight Environmental Consulting by our realtor in Tarzana. The mold inspector was very helpful, arrived early and detected mold in 3 places in the home we were about to purchase. Money well spent. 5 stars. Price was similar to the other mold guys but Knight sent us an inspector with a PhD.

Nov2015 Mold Inspection and Testing San Francisco

We discovered a leak in a pipe behind the drywall of our refrigerator. We called Knight Environmental for a black mold inspection as there was a musty smell in our kitchen and we had headaches. We were very happy with the level of professionalism from the mold inspector. He took some swab samples, tested the air and sent them to the lab and explained it scientifically. We had actually some moderate levels of Stachybotrys and Aspergillus. We proceeded with  remediation and Knights project manager oversaw that the remediation company did it right. After that Knight performed a mold clearance inspection. We got the all clear. The price was slightly higher than other companies but we got a scientist with a PhD sent to find and perform mold testing in our San Francisco home. Thank you Knight Environmental Consulting for the peace of mind. Highly recommend for your mold inspections in Bay Area.

Alex and Trish, Presidio Heights, San Francisco, CA


Nov2015 Mold Testing San Diego, CA

I am a luxury real estate professional representing the San Diego market. I am very happy to recommend Knight Environmental for your pre-escrow property mold inspections or mold testing. I have used them for 23 houses which I have sold. They really are mold detectives! The mold inspectors are always on time and find hidden mold.

Oct2015 Mold and Allergen Testing Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

We found surface mold inside a closet in our Brentwood, LA home and immediately panicked. Before calling Knight I contacted a different company for a mold inspection. They spent 10 minutes inspecting and said that we had toxic mold and told us that they needed to rip our house apart. The man doing this said that they also remodel and could start ripping down walls and floors and tracing it. He scared us out of our wits. We packed up our children and left the house.

The next morning, I decided that to get a second opinion. I contacted Marc from Knight Environmental Consulting. He was referred to us from our friend who got a mold inspection and mold testing done in Pasadena, CA. He calmly spoke with me on the phone and explained about the science of mold inspections and mold testing. He suggested it was good to have a mold air test performed before tearing down our house.

He spent 30 minutes on the phone to help me calm down and relax. I learned that Knight is an inspection only firm and the biggest in California. They test for mold in all types of properties. They do not remodel and they do not do remediation. So, he was not trying to up-sell me to tear down and remodel. He was helping me to investigate the cause of our mold issues and allergies. He was factual, informative, compassionate and started the job immediately the next day at 8am.

Marc the mold inspector, arrived early next day at our Brentwood, CA residence. We learned he is a trained environmental scientist with 3 degrees and a masters degree in Microbiology. He was also very thorough, kind and provided a lot of information. He spent additional time with me explaining and reasoning about mold inspections and mold testing. He went above and beyond to try to make it affordable. Knight’s price was less than the other company I had look at our mold. Marc only took 3 mold testing air samples trying to keep the cost down.

I received lab results within days. Luckily, the airborne mold concentrations were not too high. Marc explained to us that we had “common” mold not “toxic” mold and told me that it was fine to go on living in our home. He referred me to an independent 3rd party for mold remediation. This mold remediation company that he recommended was also very professional.

Thankfully, we found that we did not have hidden mold in our walls and under our floors but inside the closet only. We had surface mold from time to time due to environmental moisture. This was something that we could help to control by better ventilation. Remediation was not necessary but they did decontaminate our closet and cleaned the mold. So Marc saved us about 10 thousand bucks! Marc also gave the first company a phone call as he said ‘he was watching out for us’. The other mold inspection company would hang up on him when he asked why they wanted to rip up our house.

I would recommend Knight Environmental Consulting over and over again for your mold inspections and testing. From our experience, I would say that the company is built on honesty, integrity and understanding. Thankfully I found Knight Environmental Consulting for my mold testing and inspection in Los Angeles. They were close to our Brentwood, CA home. And, thankfully, Marc is the type of person who runs a legitimate company based on ethics and integrity. If you need a mold inspection and testing guru in Los Angeles we highly recommend Knight Environmental Consulting.

Barbara Freeman

Sept2015 Hollywood mold testing

If we could give 11/10 we would. The service for the price was exceptional. Before we even arrived at the property Knight’s LA mold inspector arrived 20 minutes early and began inspecting outside the property. He was neat, professional,  very intelligent and polite. Smelled good too. He listened to our concerns and then began the mold inspection. He meticulously inspected the property for mold and allergens. He even found leaks and electrical concerns that the general inspector missed. After the inspection he carefully recorded and photographed the problem areas and walked us through the solutions. We decided to chose a separate remediation company that he recommended as being professional and quick to do the repairs. Though the remediation process the CEO of Knight called us to ensure everything was good and listened and answered our questions. We received a great electronic report for both the initial inspection and the final clearance inspection. Both times the mold inspector was early. Thank you now we can move into our new home with peace of mind. Highly recommending  this company and inviting them to our TV and radio network.

LA Entertainment professionals (anonymous)

 Aug2013 Huntington Beach Mold Inspection

Thank you to the team at Knight Environmental Consulting. We are extremely happy with the mold inspection and mold testing. The scientist was on time, friendly, intelligent and engaging. Air tests confirmed mold on a side wall of our new home. Results and report were back fast. Thanks! Also thank you for recommending a trustworthy remediation company.

Mom: Huntington Beach, CA


April 2015 Studio City Mold Testing and Inspection

Knight Environmental mold inspectors helped us with a mold inspection on the property we were purchasing in Studio City. Money well spent. Our property was completely clean for mold but Knight did detect elevated levels of pet allergies. Highly recommended and professional. Price was value for money. We received a professional allergy report.

Actor: Dan, Studio City, CA

May2015 Santa Monica Mold Inspection

Knight Environmental Consulting mold inspection team did not keep us waiting around. Very professional and solved all the mold issues with our building. They found hidden mold in our tenants apartments (5). Highly recommended and cost effective expert advice.

Jack, Santa Monica, CA

June2015 Luxury Mold Assessment Miami, Fl

We were very pleased with the expert level of service from Knight Environmental Consulting. We purchased a multi-million dollar home in Miami Beach, Fl. Mold was found behind the kitchen sink and behind the vanity of the master bedroom. The seller agreed to pay for the repairs and Knight’s mold scientists gave us a clearance mold inspection. We did not realize until they visited that they sent an actual mold scientist to our home. The price was similar to an other company that only sends technicians. The reports were very thorough.

Charles and Rebecca: Miami Beach, Fl

July2015 Manhattan Beach Mold Testing and Inspection

A big thank you for finding mold in our rental apartment. A previous visit by another mold inspection company missed our hidden mold in the ceiling. Knight Environmental found it. They also recommended that we move our children to a different room. They found mold behind our 2 year olds cot. Our sons allergies have since disappeared. We can not thank you enough. We have decided to move out and find a better apartment. Price was 50% less than competition. Go Knight!

Brad and Courtney: Manhattan Beach, CA

March2015 Hollywood Hills mold Inspection and Testing

We were buying an old house in the Hills and Knight helped us find hidden mold. Over watering of sprinklers caused the problem. Thank you for the expert advice. Problem solved. Would highly recommend Knight Environmental Consulting if you need a mold inspection Los Angeles.

Steve and Rick: Hollywood Hills, CA

June2014  Brentwood Mold Assessment and Allergy Testing

Highly recommend Knight for your mold inspections and mold testing. We called and got an inspection same day and after hours for no extra charge for 7-9pm. The microbiologist was awesome. Found lots of mold. Explained everything. He even brought home baked cookies from his wife along with the final mold report. He directed us through the remediation process from another company and oversaw the mold remediation to ensure they did a correct job. We liked that they were professionals, fast and solved our mold problems in our new home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Highly recommend to our neighbors in Brentwood and friends in Los Angeles for mold inspections. We also liked that Knight donates 35% of the inspection fee to humanitarian projects.

Screenwriters Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

Dec2012 Silicon Valley Techie Mold Inspection

Well done! We recommend Knight Environmental Consulting. We called and did not have to wait very long to book a mold inspector. They sent a mold inspection scientist immediately as there was a free slot the same day. The mold inspector was fantastic, the best! Found lots of mold. We liked that he walked us through step by step to solve our mold problem in our property. We are both busy tech people so we wanted it sorted out fast because we have busy lives.

Marc the project manager directed us through the remediation process and oversaw the mold remediation done by a separate company to ensure they did a correct job. After the remediation company had finished he reinspected the areas where mold was found and tested the air. We will be recommending Knight to our neighbors in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley and friends in San Francisco for mold inspection/testing. Also posting this to our social media network. It was great to have an intelligent inspector who was honest and genuinely caring about our situation. He was punctual and kind too. The mould report was back fast with a breakdown of the species and levels of the molds tested. The mold clearance report gave us the peace of mind that there was no black mold or mold spores in our home.

Steve and Abby: Paolo Alto, CA. Home owners and Tech industry bloggers

July 2010 Hermosa Beach Mold Testing and Inspection

Thank you Knight Environmental Consulting for performing black mold testing and mold inspection in our Hermosa Beach, LA home. They tested the air for mold spores and found high levels of Penicillium and Cladosporium mold. We give you 10/10 for the excellent service and finding black mold in our home. We will definitely be referring you if our friends ever get mold problems in their properties. Our mold allergies are gone. Excellent mold inspection cost prices too.

Amy Johnson: Hermosa Beach, CA

2017 Laguna Beach Mold Testing and Inspection

Knight came out on a rush basis, to conduct testing and evaluation of a rental home we were in. He was quick, thorough, and extremely professional. The completed report was subsequently utilized in court and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of mold testing.

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