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The best mold reports in the USA

Mold, Air and Water Quality Reports

  1. At Knight Environmental Consulting we are the only mold inspection company in California that provides our clients with a scientific laboratory air quality report that is written intelligently by Masters or PhD scientists.
  2. All problem areas of your property are photographed and included in the report.  A detailed assessment of the indoor air quality zones relating to mold/allergies is provided.
  3. Problem areas in the property are identified that may contribute to future mold infestation. Each problem area is analyzed with a precise scope of solutions for mold remediation.
  4. Knight Environmental Consulting does not offer remediation services therefore ethically we have no conflict of interest with mold inspections of properties. We do recommend the top licensed and qualified local remediation firms to help our clients. We oversee all of our clients mold remediation (when it is needed) at no additional cost to client.
  5. Please be wary of scam companies offering free/cheap mold inspections and then charging you needlessly for many air samples or performing the mold remediation themselves.
  6. When everything is complete we will email the client and call to see if they have any further questions.
  7. When you are good to go we will thank you. Then you are entered into our draw for an Ipad or Weekend Trip to a luxury hotel.
  8. In the future you will hear from Knight Environmental Consulting about how part of the inspection fee helped Humanitarian projects and children with Asthma.
Mold Inspection Report California